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What are the documents required to complete my tax return?

1. Personal Returns:


Note: Local taxes are supposed to be paid by your employer and its your responsibility to pay them on time if your employer does not pay them. We generally don't handle local taxes since our software may not have the correct local tax forms. Its better to do the local taxes on the local authority website or using their forms directly. If you need help in filing the local taxes we can go over the forms with you to answer any specific question etc.


1.1 Last return tax return copy.

1.2 Please see following attached documents all the way at the bottom of the page. They can be downloaded. Please fill them out and Email (preferred) or fax them.
The contact info can be found at (contact us page)

Please do not enter the same expense twice, since there are some overlap between the documents below. Only enter it once in anyone of the documents.
Go through all the documents once and enter in the most appropirate item.

a. I106_taxdocumentsrequired.doc (to download go all the way at the bottom of the page) .

b. allstateinfo.doc (IF MULTIPLE STATES) (to download go all the way at the bottom of the page).


If multiples states please see the attachment "allstatesinfo.doc". Dates lived in each state, County and School District information in each state is also needed.

If you have moving expenses please fill those details in the documents.

d. I958_pro_vehicle_mileage_irs_taxes.xls

I1046_Meals and entertainment_irs_taxes.xls


Also see the FAQ:

2.To claim unreimbursed expenses:

Letter from employer is also mandatory if there is an Audit. so please make sure you get the letter from employer before deducting any expenses.

See the attached file 

i1041_IRS draft letter from employer1.pdf


To claim your expenses you need to have both the (Bank statement or Credit card statement) and receipts, invoices, purchase order etc.

Your advertising expense is being audited and your return shows that your expenses for the
year were $899.00.

Your summary would show the following”:

Newspaper Ad 46.00
Yellow Pages 600.00
Print Shop 82.00
Regional Directory 171.00
Total Deductions $ 899.00

Please attach cancelled checks (Bank statement or Credit card statement) and receipts to show that each of these amounts was paid during the year.

3. Business tax return:

Also see the FAQ for business documents needed.

1. SSN Numbers of each partners.
2. Partnership percentages.
3. Addresses.

(county, city, state)

4. Federal and State Tax Identification numbers of the company.

5. See 1065 FAQ also if LLC partnership.
6. Financial Statement:
Balance Sheet, list of assests to depreciate,
Gross receipts.
Inventory: Beginning and Closing.

7. List of expenses.
8. Last year return.



attached files: IRS Audit Schedule C sample1.pdf, allstatesinfo.doc.doc, I1046_Meals and entertainment_irs_taxes.xls, REQUIREDDOCUMENTS.doc, IRS Audit sample Schedule C.pdf, I106_taxdocumentsrequired.doc, IRS audit sample personal taxes .pdf, i1041_IRS draft letter from employer1.pdf, I958_pro_vehicle_mileage_irs_taxes.xls

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